Shri.Rajeev Nivatkar (I.A.S.)
Collector, Mumbai City

Mumbai is home to over one crore twenty lakhs of people and of these over 1 crore are voters. The Mumbai city district has over twenty four lakhs voters. The right to vote, as envisioned in the Constitution, is paramount to ensure individual liberty and freedom. The right to vote, moreover, is an embryo of free and fair election. Our purpose is to encourage voters to cast their votes, and simultaneously we intend to stress on the fact that staying away from polling booth is allowing others to decide for you. Our motto is - ‘enrol every eligible voter and encourage every voter to vote’. Yet this motto is far from fulfilled without your cooperation. Towards this, the website aims to act as a facilitator; a window to look at the other side. So at our side you will get to see the electoral rolls, polling stations, the profiling of constituencies and the facilities that are there to encourage you to vote.

Appeal to Vote


Smt. Farog Mukadam
Deputy District Collector Deputy District Election Officer

Shri. Shivaji Jondhale (I.A.S.)
District Collector District Election Officer